Research Facilities

Research Facilities

Lahore Pharmacy College provides our students with the latest research facilities, technologies, and hands on training required to develop future leaders in pharmacy.  These tools are used in conjunction with our material based learning to give a comprehensive pharmaceutical education.





HPLC with Filtration Assembly e vacuum pump with computer system: Agilent Technologies 1260 Infinity

600mm HG Vacuum degree

FTIR with computer system & printer: Agilent Technologies (CARY 630 FTIR)
Chemistry Analyzer: Semi-automated AMP Austria
ELISA Microplate Reader: AMP- Austria (96 well)
Freeze Dryer: BK-FDPT Biobase
PCR Machine/Thermal Cycler Gradient: Thermo Fisher (New Purchased)
Gel Documentation & Analysis System: JUNYI Model No. JY04S-3c
Gel Electrophoresis with Power Supply (Horizontal): JUNYI Electrophoresis China Model No. JY- SPDT With Power Supply JY-300
Gel Electrophoresis with Power Supply (Vertical): JUNYI Electrophoresis China Model No. JY- SC 72 With Power Supply JY-300
Spectrophotometer (UV Range): PG T80 UK
UV Spectrophotometer: Single Beam
Hematology Analyzer: AMP ACCOS 360 Austria
Centrifuge Machine

(Micro Refrigerated)

Centrifuge Machine: 4000 RPM

Max RCF:1790X G

Capacity: 20ml X 6

Centrifuge Machine Mini: Micro C1-17 Ventilated Theromo Scientific USA
Tissue Homogenizer: USA
Spectrophotometer Double Beam: T80 PG Instruments Ltd
Rotary Evaporator with chiller: Lab Tech EV311
Laminar Flow Hood: DAEYANG ETS
Digital Balances (0.0001g); (0.01g ), (0.1g ), (0.1g-5kg), (1g-7kg) : Panther USA BM320; Precision Peral Model No. JC 432A+

RADWAG Model No. TS360.R1; Shimadzo Model ATY-224


Auto Clave 35Litre: Max Vessel Volume: 35 L; Max working Pressure: 0.22Mpg; Max Temperature: 134OC
Metabolic Cages: Model No. B7 China
Soxhlet Apparatus with Heater: Pyrex
Microscopes: Bio Blue
Single Punch Machine: China
Sonicator/ Ultrasonic Bath (Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner) : 6 L Tank size: L33,w150,H150
Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine: Eagle Engineering Works Model 2015
Ampoule Manufacturing Tank: agle Engineering Works
Colloidal Mill: China
Bottle/Vial Sealing Machine: Eagle Engineering Works
Capsule Filling Machine: Local
Cone Mixer: IMS (Local)
Digital Incubator: SANFA
Digital Oven (Hot Air Ovens): DAEYANG ETS, Atmosafe Memmert, DHG-9053A
Friabilator: IMS (Local)
TDS meter Conductivity meter: Microprocessor
Vacuum Bottle Filling Machine: Eagle Engineering Works
Filter Press with Pump: IMS
Filtration Assembly: China, AS 20
Air Blower: China
Ointment Filling Machine (IMS)
Ointment Sealing Machine (IMS)
Suppository Mold
Syrup cooking Pan (IMS)
Syrup Mixer Tank & Stirrer (IMS)
Syrup Storage Tank (IMS)
Tablet Coating Pan (IMS)
Tablet Collection Container: Eagle Engineering Works
Tablet Compression Machine: ZP 17 China
Tablet Hardness Taster (Digital): Galvano Scientific Model No. MH-L
Tablet Hardness Taster (Manual)
Tablet Polishing Pan (IMS)
Tray dryer (IMS)
Disintegration apparatus (IMS)
Vortex mixer
Water Bath: Max Temp: 120 OC
Water Bath whole (Digital Temp Control)
Water Deionizer Plant: Elgacan B114
Wet Granulator (IMS)
Sieves Stainless Steel (4,7,10,12,16,18,20,22,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100, 120)
Sigma Mixer (IMS)
Silverson Mixer (IMS)
Dispensing Balance with weights: China
Dissection Boxes: China
Dissolution Apparatus 6 basket: IMS
Distill Water Plants (Glass & Non-Glass): S.S 5 liter
Kenwood Planetary Mixer (Ball Mil): DECO-TBM-V-O.4L
Distillation apparatus (Glass)
Electric Stirrer: China JJ-I
ESR Apparatus: China
ECG Machine: Yasin Model ECG-901
Examination Couch
Forced Swimming Model
Aspirator Bottle with Stand (1-5L)
B P Apparatus Mercury (Certeza)
Desiccators (China)
Digital B P Apparatus (Certeza)
Glucometer: Accu- Chek
Lancing Device (China)
Light and Dark Model
Magnetic Stirrer with Hot plat (China)
Melting point apparatus
Meter Scale (for height measurement)
Micrometer Screw gauge (China)
Micropipette (0.5-10,10,10-100,100,1000ul); (05,20,100,1000ul); (10,20,100,200,1000ul): Sanch USA
Model of Motor Coordination
Open Field
Tissue organ bath Digital
Oxygen Cylinder with Stand
Kymograph (Manual) & (Digital)
Kymograph Digital
Passive Avaidance Model
Perimeter with Object
pH Meter: ADWA Model No. AD1020; WFACD 70: Tiwan; Denver
Plus, Maze
Plus, Maze wood stand
Presser Regulator
Sahli’s Haemometer
Sphygmomanometer (China)
Spiro Meter
Stopwatch (China)
UV Goggles
UV Lamp
Vernier Caliper: (Manual); (Digital): China
Y Maze
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